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Welcome! Are you a cable TV operator? Are you an Internet service provider or property owner facing challenges with Fast Ethernet in your building due to financial or technical difficulties with installing fiber cable or twisted pair cable? We have the solution miniCMTS and DOCSIS 3.0 compatible with regular cable modems. Our innovative technologies provide affordable access for up to 800 Mbit/s using pre-existing coaxial cables.


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    Compact technology developed on DOCSIS and EuroDOCSIS standards with 16 downstreams and 4 or 2 upstreams.
    This miniCMTS is compatible with DOCSIS + EuroDOCSIS 2.0 and 3.0 modems currently available on the market. MiniCMTS is targeting smaller and medium sized coaxial networks with typically 50 to 300 cable modems per one miniCMTS. This technology is already running in hundreds of installations in Europe and thousands of installations world-wide. Years long experience from live networks gives us excellent feedback for continuous product development.

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28. 06. 2016

New product LMC-2TU (LICA miniCMTS - 2 "output" Triple Unit)

New product LMC-2TU (LICA miniCMTS - 2 "output" Triple Unit) Compact design CMTS developed according to DOCSIS and EuroDOCSIS standards, providing capacity of 16 downstream and 2 upstream...

12. 06. 2016

ANGA COM 2016 Thanks for visiting us

ANGA COM 2016 taking place in Cologne, Germany is over. Thank you for visiting us, see you again next year!

29. 05. 2016


Dear business partners, dear customers,LICA CZECH company won't be missing at ANGA exhibition&congress in Cologne, Germany, which takes place in June. In between 7th till 9th June 2016 you can...

23. 02. 2016

MiniCMTS Firmware review

The latest stable FW for the LICA  miniCMTS is 3.386 + v629. Some of the main features :   - IPTV Multicast - running pilots during these days   - IPQAM - general...


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